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Shaping vision – growing together – experiencing meaning – making the company S.T.A.R.K.

S.T.A.R.K. Tools

Every company develops individually and faces a variety of challenges – there is no generally applicable development pattern. However, there are factors that have a significant influence on a company’s development:

  • Corporate vision
  • Strategy
  • Organization
  • Employee behavior and leadership.

Satisfaction leads to success, because successful business is based on satisfied entrepreneurship.

For all these challenges, our S.T.A.R.K. tools are used where they are needed.

„New York City“

in sales

in projects for Germany /
Europe / USA

Workshop „New York City“

– free workshop –

Our “New York City” workshop consists of 3 phases. In the first phase, we travel with you in a small group of entrepreneurs to New York City / USA and use the power of this metropolis as a driving force, motivation and “view from the outside” for your goals as an entrepreneur. With the experiences and insights gained there, we develop individual concepts and roadmaps with strategic and goal-oriented content in phases 2 and 3 and work with you to shape the practical transition into your company so that it can become successful.

Personalized coaching between the individual phases supports the development process towards your corporate goal.

If you are interested in our extraordinary “New York City” workshop, we would be delighted to arrange a personal appointment with you. We will discuss our program with you and answer your questions!

Workshop schedule

Phase 1: Entering your “new era”
We are traveling to New York City / USA.
Define vision and corporate goal
5 Days

Intermediate phase
Personalized coaching with individual appointments
over 2 weeks

Phase 2: „Workout“
at our headquarters in Ilmenau
Concept development with strategic content
3 Days

Intermediate phase
Personalized coaching with individual appointments
Over 2 weeks

Phase 3: „Let´s do it!“
at our headquarters in Ilmenau
The successful and practical transition to your company
3 Days

Final phase
Personalized coaching with transition to the implementation phase in your company
over 2 weeks


With the “New York City” workshop, we take you and your company into a “New Era”.


The 3 phases extend over a period of approx. 3 months.

New York City / USA
Ilmenau / Germany

Maximum number of participants: 6

Leadership training with horses

Effective and goal-oriented communication training for managers

Horses naturally have a strong and imposing charisma – if only because of their size and stature. Nevertheless, they are very sensitive and very clear to us humans. We can learn a lot from them and their behavior and they are real artists in reflecting.

The horse is an expert in perception. Horses show us what strengths and weaknesses we have in ourselves and in our effect on others, without judging us. The horse only reacts in the desired way if the human is aware of it:

  • Self-confidence,
  • Trustworthiness,
  • Credibility and
  • Goal orientation


Your communication needs personal transparency and clarity. Leading a horse on your own challenges and encourages you:

  • Courage,
  • Self-control,
  • Personal initiative,
  • Creativity and
  • Enthusiasm

Values that make a successful manager.

In leadership training with horsepower, each individual participant gains insights into themselves, their charisma and abilities. The external impact of behavior becomes visible and can be experienced in practice.

As soon as someone knows how they behave, they can try out other, new behaviors with the horse and thus expand and strengthen their possibilities as a leader.


  • Learning and developing leadership
  • Promote personal social skills individually
  • Use social skills more consciously
  • Self-reflection
  • Train teamwork skills


  • Use of horses as coaches and mirror images
  • Solving set tasks with the coach horse
  • Evaluation and reflection in the team and individually
  • Bridge to practice – use in day-to-day business as a manager


S.T.A.R.K. in sales

  • Development of the sales team or individual sales employees
  • Development of international markets together with your sales department

For existing sales:

  • We actively support your sales department and work with your employees to develop the sales concept in line with the company’s strategic direction.
  • We strengthen and consolidate your sales team or individual sales employees
  • We actively support your sales in the acquisition process
  • We support and network your company in establishing international business relationships and promote development and preparation for international markets

When setting up a new sales organization

  • We create conceptual requirements for sales and competence profiles
  • We develop the team or employee together
  • We develop the sales concept according to the company’s strategic orientation
  • We actively support your new sales force in the acquisition process


  • Economic growth thanks to consistent customers, new customers and a motivated sales team or sales staff
  • Your corporate image is strengthened
  • We can network your company worldwide


  • Concept development
  • Work out an implementation plan
  • Participate in the implementation in sales
  • Training and coaching


in projects for Germany / Europe / USA

We design individual projects for your company – tailored to your current situation and your corporate goals.

Examples of project topics across all sectors:

  • Support in changing the organization, focusing on the social and economic aspects
  • Development of organizational structures
  • Development of in-house academies for knowledge transfer
  • Support for succession and takeover arrangements
  • Merging different corporate cultures – especially Germany – USA / USA – Germany
  • Establishing a company on site in the USA
  • Customer development in the USA


  • Joint development of individual concepts and solutions tailored to your company and your business objectives
  • Personal and active support in the implementation of the measures until the target is achieved
  • Celebrating successes together


  • We analyze your company with regard to your corporate goals
  • We develop an individual project concept with a strategy and taking into account all possible challenges
  • We advise and develop with heart and mind so that you can achieve economic success as well as social value


S.T.A.R.K. connected

Under the umbrella of the GP Academy, we have not only created space for our S.T.A.R.K. tools, but also offer a network for mutual support and joint growth.

This is where we specifically connect our customers who share the same topics and challenges. They can learn from each other and their experiences and network with each other. As our customer, you can benefit from this opportunity for exchange.

Contact us and benefit from our networks!

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