Global Power Product

Next Level

Establishment of in-house academies or development of individual qualification projects.

Detailed description

Development of concepts by employees for employees, based on training, to increase quality awareness and standardize processes.



  • Qualified employees with product and company identification
  • Strengthening of employees (self-confidence, responsibility, personality)
  • Positive customer feedback, e.g. audit
  • Optimal personnel deployment planning through the daily updated Q-Matrix
  • Reduction of complaint costs
  • Reduction in personnel costs
  • Stable processes
  • ¬†Increase in productivity


  • Company analysis with actual recording through an audit
  • Composition of the project team
  • Elaboration of the presentation of the future academy/qualification project taking into account customer requirements
  • Establishing a master plan with tasks, responsibilities and a schedule
  • The Global Power Team actively participates until the specified goal has been achieved.
  • We will discuss further details for your tailor-made project with you in person.

Tools: moderation, workshops, training, coaching