Global Power Product


Industry-related communication training with horses.

Detailed description

  • The horse is a perception artist. Horses show us which strengths and weaknesses we have in ourselves and in the effect on others without judging them.
  • The “coach horse” only reacts in the desired way if you are characterized by self-confidence, trustworthiness, credibility and goal-orientation. Your communication needs personal transparency and clarity. Leading a horse on your own requires and promotes courage, self-control, initiative and creativity.
  • During personality training with horses, each individual participant gains knowledge about himself. The external effect of the behavior becomes visible and can be experienced in practice.
  • As soon as someone knows how to behave, he can try out other, new behaviors with the horse and thus expand his possibilities.


  • Promote personal social skills individually
  • Use strengths more consciously
  • Learn and develop leadership
  • Train teamwork


Use of the horses as coaches and mirror images.