We are

“The most successful company is the forest.“

The forest stands for our guiding principle: Growing together. It is our goal to set performance- and future-oriented growth impulses internally and externally for companies carried on all levels of economic and interpersonal value creation.

This is us

Claudia Schubert-Otto

Expertin für schwierige Herausforderungen

I AM …
  • Quality conscious.
  • High performance.
  • Future-oriented.
  • 5th generation entrepreneur with 120 years of company history.
Life path:

Since my youth, I have enjoyed motivating people to set goals and develop visions together. My life in the USA, my apprenticeship at BMW in Munich and my work at BMW – Daimler shaped me particularly and gave me the motivation to be self-employed.

Failures and successes in acquisition made me grow. For me, vision, discipline and perseverance are crucial components on my way.



“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people to get wood, prepare tools, assign tasks and divide the work, but awaken in them a longing for the vast, endless sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our competencies

Motivation and inspire other people, good communication skills, negotiating skills, open-mindedness

  • Accepting difficult challenges, resilient, self-motivation, flexibility, commitment
  • Interdisciplinary thinking, entrepreneurship, political knowledge, psychological knowledge, general knowledge; Entrepreneurial tradition for 120 years, strategist
  • Thinking: Out of the box (different perspective)
  • Create foundations

Our Tradition


Schubertpower and Camico GmbH become “Global Power GmbH – the international business center in Thuringia”



  • Buying back the factory site


  • Foundation of Camico GmbH



  • Foundation of Schubertpower in Arnstadt


  • Return of the company



  • Expropriation of the company


  • Foundation of Carl Mittelbach & Co
  • Camico – a strong and international luxury brand is created



  • Business registration