Let’s build bridges together and benefit from each other on an international level.
connecting people – united people

My vision – The Global Power Office “Think big”
in New York City.

For years I have been interested in the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and its architecture, its exciting history and the people who stand behind it and walk across it. I am proud that it is Thuringian architecture and architecture. After Mr. Röbling – builder and architect from Mühlhausen / Thuringia – fell seriously ill during construction, his wife Emily Röbling completed the building. I admire her accomplishment.

I have been cultivating my relationship with the USA for over 30 years now – starting in 1993 when I lived and worked as an au pair in Washington D.C. Since then, the country has become my 2nd home.

I will also build a bridge, in the form of a transatlantic bridge. One bridge pillar is in Ilmenau / Thuringia – Global Power GmbH – symbolizing our wonderful seminar house with the mighty wooden trunks and the other bridge pillar is in New York City / USA – symbolizing the world-famous Brooklyn Bridge – one of the landmarks of the city of New York.

Our Global Power Office is established in New York City. Our office in NYC is the point of contact for all topics relating to trade relations, local business development, seminars and workshops.

Our membership in the German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. New York offers us access to many new business opportunities – on the one hand as an advantage for our personal business development and on the other hand we can build a bridge to a broad network of companies, industry experts and government representatives for our customers and partners.

ME – because:

  • I love Thuringia – this is my home
  • I love the USA – I feel at home here
  • my passion is to connect people around the world and give people the chance to inspire each other


New York City – because:

  • the Brooklyn Bridge for me as a symbol stands for:
    » that difficult challenges can be overcome
    » the unique connection to Thuringia and thus to my roots
    » the tireless effort that has gone into this building
  • the Statue of Liberty means a longing for freedom to me
  • the city is the world capital for me and thus symbolically the gateway to the world
  • the city is full of adventure at all times
  • the metropolis is the business center of the world

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